Internet Security


The Internet continues to threaten internal networks as they get smarter and more sophisticated. It is critical that your business us a Firewall that it managed by experts. We plan, install, configure and maintain networks for many businesses and medical organizations where security is the upmost importance. 


With the large increase in remote work over the past year, VPN’s continue to be a very important service for our customers. A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to your office so that you can work from anywhere. It can also allow multiple locations of a business to interact like they were in the same building. Let TechPro help ease your remote work frustrations by setting up a VPN for your organization.

Malware & Antivirus Protection

TechPro can help protect your computers and network from malware that can wreak havoc on your systems. Clicking on a simple link from an email could infect your computer with programs that track what you type (like passwords) to encrypting your whole hard drive and losing access to your data. Take the offense and let us help you protect your organization.

Security Audits

No system setup and never revisited is a valid security system. TechPro can do monthly audits on your computers and network to make sure they are up-to-date, secure, and backed up. Our technicians work outside of your business hours running updates and reviewing your computers so they are ready to go in the morning.

Protection & Training Against Phishing Emails

Just because an email arrives in your inbox and “looks” legit doesn’t mean it is. More and more hackers these days are trying to get your personal information and passwords by tricking you into clicking a link or logging into a fake web site. TechPro can help train your staff on what to look for so you can notice a fake email when it shows up.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

TechPro is a Authorized Partner for Check Point network security software. This company is considered the worldwide leader in securing the Internet and provides the broadest breadth of coverage for complex security vulnerabilities. Check Point provides the leading firewall solutions for enterprise businesses including data centers.  TechPro uses this software for their data center protection.  We consider them the “mother of all firewall software” for larger businesses and multiple locations. 

Juniper Networks

TechPro is an Authorized Partner for the Juniper Networks family of security appliances. These units are designed to satisfy customer networking and security requirements that range from small branch offices to standalone businesses that want to protect against all manner of internal and external attacks, prevent unauthorized access and achieve regulatory compliance. 

We consider them the “mother of all firewall devices” for small or medium size offices and strongly recommend them in place of conventional routers for trouble-free secure Internet connections.

  • Complete line of firewall/VPN solutions for enterprises and service providers
  • Tightly integrated set of best-in-class security applications to protect against worms, Trojans, viruses and other malware
  • Multiple management mechanisms including complete CLI, WebUI or centralized management via NetScreen Security Manager facilitate rapid deployment while minimizing ongoing operational costs

Cisco Systems

TechPro is an Authorized Partner for Cisco products and services. Security breaches can occur from a wide range of sources, including a company’s own networked PCs and servers. New worms and viruses are targeting network endpoints.  This is of particular concern to small and medium-sized offices, which often have limited IT resources to combat these challenges. 

Cisco Systems® prepares organizations for attacks by helping them build self-defending networks with dramatically improved capabilities to identify, prevent, and respond to threats. An important component of the Cisco® Secure Network Foundation and the Cisco Self-Defending Network is the new generation of Cisco integrated services routers and switches. These appliances are the first to deliver secure, wire-speed data, voice, video, and other advanced services to small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices. When your office considers VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections, you’ll find these devices are essential for security of any transmitted information as well as attacks to your network.