TechPro is an energetic information technology company that has been providing computer hardware, software and consulting services since 1987. We take pride in our expertise and experience to supply clients with the talent and guidance that enables them to leverage every aspect of their business. To complement our consulting practice, we offer a full range of technology design and development services able to implement practically any communication and information system’s needs. TechPro has a proven track record for delivering customized solutions to many successful companies through the world.

Historically, smaller companies need as much technical support as very large companies but end up settling on companies that basically service equipment and parts for computers and phones but don’t have the staff nor expertise to provide a complete package. TechPro prioritizes personal contact, prompt service and a human that answers the phone for all customers! Many TechPro customers began as very small businesses and when it was time to expand, TechPro had their back and provided alternate paths to economically achieve their goals!

Our application/web design staff is in-house and specializes in professionally communicating your company image and message from beginning to completed products. Concurrently, our technical support works in partnership with you to provide tools that eliminate redundant data entry, enhance customer service, reduce costs, support sales and provide management with the information needed to make profitable decisions. 

Our expertise spans a variety of software/hardware configurations and operating systems allowing us to design the perfect solution for your organization. We develop custom software that is tailored to your specifications and expectations using today’s most powerful languages. Our flexibility allows you to create your “dream system”, develop custom applications or simply integrate multiple systems.

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