Hosted Email

Email Anti-Spam and Virus Protection

As a manager or owner, you are aware of the amount of wasted time that spam costs you. Consider a simple example of a company with five employees. Even if they spend up to 60 minutes a day weeding through spam in their inbox, that adds up to 25 hours of unproductive time lost each week…or 100 hours per month!

TechPro has a complete Anti-Spam and Virus Protection solution. We are able to filter all your incoming emails through our customized spam filters that leave your users with little to no spam in their inboxes and a safety net that filters email attachments that may contain viruses.

There are many spam solutions available today, so what makes TechPro’s solution unique?  Our programmers have combined twelve different anti-spam products into ONE solution, giving you comprehensive protection that no single product can offer. As a result, our filters intercept almost 98% of all spam coming to your inboxes. Not only are these messages no longer clogging your inboxes but they are no longer robbing your mail server of wasted computing cycles and causing it to overwork.

Low Monthly Fees

Our monthly fees are based on the number of email users being protected and can range from $12 to less than $3 per user! In addition, our filters catch 20% more viruses than the leading antivirus software, so email servers will not require antivirus software to be installed. However, viruses can still infect workstations from other sources besides email, so it will still be important to have virus protection on workstations.12

What Email Hosting Cannot Do

It is also important to understand that our solution does not reduce the occurrences of Spyware, Trojans, Adware and other Exploits that usually happen with Internet access and web surfing. This still requires special software protection.

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