Faxes that go where you go.

No more waiting for faxes at the office. With Fax Hosting, you can access faxes from anywhere you get email. PDFs can be opened on almost any computer and print accurately if needed. A hosted fax solution from TechPro is significantly more convenient than old-fashioned paper fax machines – especially for mobile or traveling staff.

TechPro’s business-grade Fax Hosting service provides each person in your organization with a fax number with your local area code. And all inbound faxes arrive as PDF email attachments to your inbox. Your faxes will go wherever you do, and they will be in a digital format you can read, print or forward from any computer.

Reduced costs.

Eliminate the expense associated with paper faxes, such as for machines, toner cartridges and paper. Hosted faxing offers a much lower TCO compared to manual faxes, especially considering the additional hidden costs of maintenance and downtime, as well as physical supplies.

Business Strength Reliability.

Unlike some low-price offerings, TechPro Fax Hosting was architected for business use. When faxes come through, they arrive almost instantly in your inbox. Confidently rely on TechPro, an experienced leader in hosted enterprise solutions.

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