Rules & Regulations

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Response Time

Our business hours are 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. We also provide non-business hour emergency support. Whether requests are made during business hours or after hours, it is best to contact us via email at support@techpro.com for more accurate transfer of details.

Issues also can be phoned in (630-938-5300 press 3 at the prompt). However, if the request is outside business hours OR you are unable to communicate with our Task Coordinators, BE SURE to follow up with with an email including essential details.

We strive to provide same-day response to all requests but when multiple requests are received and our technical resources become over-allocated, customers on our Monthly Contract Plans are prioritized over non-contract customers. When that happens, our support dispatchers make every effort to respond to all requests by the next business day.

Telephone Support

Our telephone system automatically records and logs all incoming and outgoing telephone calls. This allows us to monitor our response times, maintain high service levels, and refresh everyone’s memories when revisiting complex projects, requests, and concerns.


We strive to schedule your service as soon as possible after receipt of your request based on whether it can be fulfilled remotely or whether it requires an on-site visit. When a specific technician is requested, it may delay the ability to complete your request promptly, but we will make every effort to accommodate you.


It’s natural for customers to ask for quotes on installation, repair, or servicing of equipment or software. However, TechPro only provides firm quotes on equipment purchases.

As a courtesy, our technicians may provide a verbal estimate of the time it may take to complete a request. But this can only be considered a “best-guess” estimate. This includes a technician’s recommendation that a computer needs to have a complete reinstall of its operating system. Many variables cannot be predicted until actual work begins including onsite complications, condition of equipment, location and availability of equipment, etc.

Some issues cannot be easily foreseen and can cause a “best-guess” estimate to be easily exceeded. When a job is completed, you will be billed for actual time and materials, and your signature and payment will be required before the technician leaves. It is expected that someone will be available to check work completed. Any additional work required after the technician has left will be an additional billing.

Travel and Parking - On site

TechPro charges round-trip fees based on actual mileage and tolls for all on-site visits with one exception: Monthly Contract customers are charged only a one-way trip fee plus actual mileage and tolls. In all cases, if a parking garage is necessary, actual costs will be in addition to the trip charge.


  • NEW CUSTOMERS – New customers must provide credit card information to our accounting staff BEFORE a technician can be dispatched. Certain jobs require a prepayment. Customers are informed prior to ordering if that is the case.
  • MONTHY CONTRACT CUSTOMERS –  Monthly contracts can be customized to include or exclude specific requests. Our contracts are based on your company’s specific needs and are not “one size fits all”.
  • NON-MONTHLY CONTRACT CUSTOMERS – Are required to pay for on-site work at the time the work is completed and approved. The only exceptions are those customers with prior accounting approval.