Medical Hosting

Eliminate the distraction of IT

Healthcare practitioners can enjoy all the benefits of Athena (formerly GE Centricity) Practice Management without the need to install, configure and maintain an in-house server. From the TechPro high-speed data center, our experienced professionals manage all the systems needed to properly host critical applications and store patient data—including regular upgrades and daily backups.

Cost-Effective, Fast & Convenient

Athena Hosting is considerably less expensive when compared with keeping it in-house. Hardware failures, technical glitches, software updates and other hidden costs quickly add-up to thousands of dollars annually—not to mention countless hours of lost productivity. By outsourcing IT, healthcare providers can stay focused on important clinical matters.

And with the recommended T1 connection, users won’t be able tell the difference. In fact, connectivity with the TechPro data center is typically so good it’s hard to believe it’s not a local server. Best of all, with TechPro you can access Centricity securely from anywhere you can get on the Internet!

Safe & Secure

TechPro’s secure data center provides a rock-solid infrastructure with security standards that far exceed that of a typical office. Locations were selected for low vulnerability to floods, natural disasters and security breaches. Sophisticated cooling systems, video monitoring, conditioned uninterruptible power, redundancy and Internet bandwidth to global standards allow us to guarantee 99.999% uptime. In addition, secure data storage, encryption and user authentication protects patient identity, medical history, insurance and billing information in full compliance with all governing rules, including HIPAA.

Why endure the cost and hassle of maintaining IT infrastructure when peace of mind and anywhere accessibility are available for a low monthly fee? Contact us to learn more about our Athena Hosting solutions.