Established in 1987 in Geneva, Illinois, TechPro is a full service provider of a wide range of computer solutions and services with the diversity to handle a variety of businesses from medical to manufacturing to legal as well as the breadth of experience to handle complex enterprise issues alongside unique issues of medium and small businesses.

TechPro Logo (circa 1987)
(circa 1987)

Our home office remains located in the suburbs of Chicago and includes our NEW location in Geneva at 2000 Gary Lane. TechPro also has multiple data center locations throughout Chicagoland to serve our clients’ needs worldwide.

TechPro is proud of their knowledgeable computer professionals, many of whom are experts experienced in an expanding suite of systems. We specialize not just in one area, but in serving your organization with a whole suite of services, reducing the hassle of looking for specialized vendors. TechPro is the only number you need to call.


TechPro will work to understand your business and provide the expertise you need to give your company that competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether your IT needs are simple or complex, we are ready to provide our full range of services.

(circa 2002)
(circa 2008)