Secure Co-Location Site

TechPro’s co-location facilities provide the maximum level of security and operating infrastructure for your data center needs. The building locations were selected for their low vulnerability to floods, natural disasters and security breaches. Our sites includes sophisticated cooling systems, video monitoring, conditioned uninterruptible power, redundancy on all power feeds and internet bandwidth to global standards. They are perfectly conditioned as it gets and we can guarantee 99.999% uptime.

Easy to Expand or Reconfigure When Your Business Grows

TechPro can be the guardian of your web servers, as well as multi-use dedicated servers for your small business and enterprise needs. Your equipment may be co-located in cages and cabinets; enterprise customers may require full data center suite location. When your business grows or needs reconfiguring, our data centers provide an economic alternative to accomplish this without the capital and resource commitments of altering your own data center.

How it Works

TechPro owns and maintains the servers and leases them to you for a low monthly fee that includes hardware, network connectivity, IP addresses, hardware replacement and your choice of value-added service options. Our IP network is optimized to reduce system response times and increase processing speed of your workflow.

Co-Location isn’t just about space and equipment and security. It’s also about people. Our data centers are monitored 24/7/365 and our engineers are experienced to act on your behalf if hardware or software issues arise. You sleep through the night…sometimes we don’t.

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